Hypnosis Stories

Hypnosis stories abound; anyone who has been successfully hypnotized, or seen it done to someone else has an interesting story to tell.

Many hypnosis stories come from stage acts in the entertainment field. Much like going to a magic show and watching a magician perform, it can be quite a memorable experience, and there is usually a tale to tell.

Those who has used hypnotherapy or self-hypnosis are usually eager to provide accounts of obstacles they have overcome or milestones achieved.

Some of the most interesting and memorable descriptions come from patients who have been hypnotized before or after surgery, and found to their amazement that they were able to endure pain, recover quicker, or mitigate the effects of a treatment side-effects.

Type the phrase “hypnosis stories” into Google or Yahoo search engines, and you could spend the next three days reading astonishing accounts, both from ‘believers’ and skeptics alike.

Reading about someone else’s experience can be a good way to overcome your own fears, particularly if you are considering hypno therapy. You can also learn a great deal about the myriad scripts, guides, and audio recordings available, and sometimes even find out what others had to say about a hypnotist or therapist you are considering.

I spend a lot of time researching the subject, and enjoy hearing of others accounts, particularly success stories.

If I were first considering hypnosis to lose weight, quit smoking, or to deal with emotional issue such as depression, anger, or low self-esteem, I would look for successful hypnosis stories from people with actual experiences.

But for pure enjoyment, I like to read about people who have been hypnotized by a performer or magician. “I was then made to quack like a duck while walking around in circles” – I can almost see it!

Hypnosis stories can be both a source of information, and the basis for making a decision about a particular therapy or method, but they can also be very entertaining!.

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